William E. Boyson - President and Chairman of the Board - Mr. Boyson has been with Spectra for 8 1/2 years. Board member since 1998. He works in photovoltaic solar energy research at Sandia National Laboratories and assists industry in understanding solar performance through technology characterization and computer modeling. Mr. Boyson designs and creates computer code for analytical tools. He created and maintains the solar weather station at Sandia.

Kenneth C. Payne – Member of the Board 13 years with Spectra Research.  Served as Treasurer from 1993 to 1997 and President from 1998 to 2002.  Mr. Payne is currently Vice President of Engineering at Abba Technologies.  Abba Technologies is a Systems Integrator located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  His responsibilities at Abba include support of large-scale high performance computing environments at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs.  While on contract to Sandia National Laboratories through Spectra Research, Mr. Payne was a principal in the design and implementation of systems and software to support real-time vehicle communications, mapping and tracking.  Mr. Payne’s experience includes Distributed Real Time Software Systems, large-scale high performance Storage Architectures, and Systems Analysis.

Jim Davies - Treasurer - From 1990-1999 Mr. Davies worked for Spectra Research on contract with Transportation Safeguards Division, DOE. He is a member of the development team responsible for current realtime command and control system that tracks certain DOE assets as they move throughout the continental United States, currently under command of and in use by Office of Secure Transportation, NNSA. Mr Davies has been a Senior Member of the technical staff at Sandia National Labs since1999 and is currently working on the design and development of inventory Tracking and Equipment Maintenance System for the Office of Secure Transportation, NNSA. This system will track and account for all OST assets, and the maintenance of those assets, at all OST sites throughout the country.


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